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American Culture

January 25, 2022

Students Go Free 👏

Students Go Free 👏

It’s the great escape: Students are fleeing bad public schools. The school shutdowns and politicized teaching that defined the pandemic have led a record number of families to choose better options.

Case in point: homeschooling. From spring 2020 to fall 2021, homeschooling more than doubled from 5.4% of families to 11.1%. Five times as many black families switched to homeschooling, rising from 3.3% to 16.1%. No wonder: The teachers unions who run public schools spent the pandemic putting students last. But families want to put their kids first. School Shutdowns

It’s not just homeschooling. We’ve told you about West Virginia’s 2021 reform—the most expansive in the nation—that gives families $4,600 to spend on better education options. Now Oklahoma is trying to pass something similar: Empowerment Accounts that any family can use to send their kids to private schools. That’s true school choice.

Bottom line: The more students who escape bad public schools for great schooling options, the better.

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Biden’s Mandates Cost You Money ⛓️

Joe Biden is a mandate-happy president. After one year, he’s shackled families and businesses with more than $200 billion in regulations. That’s three times more than red-tape-heavy Barack Obama—and American families are paying a painful price.

Consider how Biden’s mandates raise costs in your home. He’s raising the price of lightbulbs, washers and dryers, furnaces, and air conditioners. He’s also banning you from using things that make your life easier, from kitchen sinks to showers. And then there’s Biden’s new rules on car mileage—mandates that will force Americans to buy cars we don’t want at prices we can’t afford.

The cost to families is bad enough. The message these mandates send is even worse. Joe Biden and his fellow liberals don’t trust Americans to make our own decisions—they’d rather make our choices for us. Does it get more un-American than that?

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