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American Culture

April 20, 2022

Terrorists At The Border 😮

When we don’t enforce our laws, there’s no way to know who crosses our borders. But this week, we learned about some who tried—42 of them were on the terrorism watchlist.

Why doesn’t President Biden take this threat seriously? His spokeswoman dismissed the report, saying border agents find terrorists “less than one percent” of the time. But that’s a big deal when you see how many people are coming in. Last month, more than 220,000 people tried to cross illegally. Then there are the 1.5 million illegal immigrants the administration has simply let in since Biden took office. If Biden cared about stopping the flood of illegal immigration and the terrorists who come with it, he’d keep the tools in place to stop it.

The crisis at our border isn’t just an immigration problem, it’s a threat to our national security. And every day that Biden and his team ignore that fact, they continue to put Americans at risk.

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Mask Your Disappointment, Liberals ✈️

You saw the news: We can finally fly without masks again. How did most Americans react? Smiles and laughter. How did some mandate-loving liberals respond? Tears and tweetstorms.

It was bad enough that President Biden wanted to keep the mask mandate in place. It’s downright shameful that the liberal media is attacking the federal judge who rightfully struck it down. But it shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, she sided with the Constitution, not more government control—and as conservative leaders have been saying for months, that’s what this debate has really been all about.

The American people have made it clear: They’re done with mandates. Hopefully, Biden and his big government allies get that message soon.

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