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November 21, 2022

The Conservative Agenda Starts Now 👊

The Conservative Agenda Starts Now 👊

Millions of Americans did their civic duty last week. While many votes are still being counted, one thing is now clear: Americans elected a conservative majority to the House of Representatives in Congress. 

Think about what that means: Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will no longer be speaker of the House. And now is the time to stop President Biden’s radical agenda—and offer real solutions. link

First things first: Conservatives have plans to help solve the biggest challenges facing American families right now. The list includes:

  • Stopping Bidenflation and the far left’s war on American energy. Conservatives aim to let families keep more of their hard-earned money by cutting the spending that’s fueling inflation and slashing the red tape that makes it more difficult to produce oil and gas here at home. Bottom line: Conservatives can lower costs for American families.
  • Ending our immigration crisis by securing our border. Conservatives want to end Biden’s open-border policies that encourage illegal immigration. And they want to give law enforcement the support they need to keep our country safe.
  • Countering the threat of Communist China by rebuilding our military. Conservatives are leading the charge to expand and upgrade our armed forces so that we can ensure a strategic advantage over the greatest threat to America’s safety and security: Communist China.

And when it comes to holding liberals accountable, there’s no shortage of scandals and recklessness for conservatives to tackle. Conservatives have already made a long list of investigations to launch and liberal policies to roll back as soon as possible, like:

  • Preventing the IRS from crushing families and small businesses. Liberals gave $80 billion in additional funding to the IRS to help hire tens of thousands of new employees. But conservatives have a bill to stop that massive tax enforcement expansion ASAP.
  • Getting to the bottom of Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Biden endangered our country and undermined our allies through his disastrous removal of our military from Afghanistan. The American people deserve to know exactly what happened and why—and conservatives have a plan to give them those answers.
  • Exposing waste, fraud, and abuse in pandemic relief—and shining a light on the origins of COVID. Conservatives want to figure out where our federal relief dollars went and what our government will do to claw back the money that was stolen. And they’re going to help millions of families who’ve suffered lockdowns and serious loss get a clearer picture of where the virus that caused it all came from.

Biden and his liberal allies have done serious damage to our country—and the American people deserve relief. Voters agree. That’s why they sent more conservatives to Congress and flipped the House. Now, it’s time to deliver for the American people.

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