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American Culture

July 12, 2021

The Far Left’s Pro-China Campaign 😲 🇨🇳

The Far Left’s Pro-China Campaign 😲 🇨🇳

According to the far left, climate change is more important than stopping Communist China’s horrific human rights abuses. Forty-eight liberal groups urged President Biden and Congress to drop their “antagonistic” approach toward China for “diplomacy” and “cooperation.” 

We’ve watched this movie before. The left’s obsession with climate change blinds it to other priorities, like American jobs. Now, they want climate change to take precedence over: 

  • The millions of people who are routinely murdered, tortured, and raped at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 
  • The four million people who died from a virus China unleashed on the world
  • The seven million citizens of Hong Kong who lost their freedom to the CCP’s iron fist

Besides being morally repugnant, the far left’s suggestion is also nonsensical. The CCP doesn’t “cooperate.” It lies, bullies, and threatensBiden and Congress need to ramp up the pressure on China, not reduce it.

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Schools Saved By The…CDC? 🎒

It’s official: Schools are out of excuses to lock kids out of classrooms. The CDC announced on Friday that all schools should fully reopen in the fall—even if they can’t meet every COVID-related recommendation from the CDC. (*Cue groans from the teachers unions)

It’s. About. Time. If you think most kids have been going to school every day, think again. Around 50% of 4th and 8th graders still haven’t enrolled for full-time, in-person classes. All that should change now. It should have changed yesterday. Over a year and a half of remote learning has set millions of students back academically and damaged countless families

Don’t be surprised if people come up with more “reasons” to keep schools closed as it gets closer to fall. Ignore them. Kids need school—and the education, character growth, and friendships that come with it. Period. 

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