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American Culture

November 3, 2022

This Election Is About Fixing Education 🍎

This Election Is About Fixing Education 🍎

After more than two years of school shutdowns and putting indoctrination over education, America’s parents are furious. Next week, they’ll have the chance to act on that anger when they head to the ballot box. link

There’s no denying that K-12 education has gone from bad to worse under liberals’ watch:

It’s no surprise that our schools have taken a big shift to the left. After all, liberals in power have been working hand-in-hand with teachers unions—even allowing them to secretly edit federal regulations that locked kids out of the classroom even longer.

And when parents have tried to fight for their kids’ rights, education bureaucrats have been more than happy to fight back even harder. In fact, they’ve gone so far as to compare parents to “terrorists,” and demand that President Biden’s Justice Department investigate them.

There’s no doubt: Our education system is falling apart—leaving our kids with a darker future. It’s why more families than ever have left the system entirely to find new models that work for them. 

But every kid deserves access to a world-class education that gives them the tools to achieve their American Dream. And every family deserves to be represented by leaders who have a plan to give them those opportunities.

Conservatives have those solutions, and in the past two years, they’ve taken unprecedented steps to expand school choice and give families education freedom. We need more of this education problem solving—because liberals clearly get a failing grade.

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