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American Culture

August 10, 2022

We Need Answers From The FBI 🔍

We Need Answers From The FBI 🔍

The FBI raided former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. It’s unprecedented—and it jeopardizes the fundamentally American idea that no government agency is above the law. 

Never before has the most powerful arm of federal law enforcement targeted a former presidentThe long-term implications are scary—not just for Trump, but for any political opponents of those in power. After all, the same Department of Justice that signed off on this unannounced warrant implied parents could be “domestic terrorists” just because they held local bureaucrats accountable. Americans deserve answers about what happened and why.

The promise of our country is the promise of equal justice under the law. And if the FBI, DOJ, or any other federal law enforcement agency violates that principle, they must be held accountable.

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3 Million Illegal Immigrants And Counting 📈

Here’s what President Biden says is a national emergency: climate change. Here’s what he doesn’t: three million more illegal immigrants since he took office—more than the population of 17 U.S. states. And even now, he’s pushing policies that will make this crisis get so much worse. 

This week, Biden ended the Trump-era Remain In Mexico program, saying it “had endemic flaws.” In reality, it was an effective approach to helping secure our borders. It’s common sense to ask immigrants who seek asylum to wait until we can decide if they are who they say they are—and whether their claim is reasonable—before they’re set free in the United States. This misguided reversal will just incentivize more illegal immigration, create more problems at the border, and make our country less safe.

Instead of growing the government, unleashing the IRS on Main Street, or handing out green corporate welfare, Biden needs to check his priorities—and focus on America’s safety.

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