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American Culture

November 21, 2022

We’re Thankful For Conservative Solutions 😍

We’re Thankful For Conservative Solutions 😍

It’s been a tough year—between Bidenflation, soaring gas prices, and the specter of more economic uncertainty on the horizon thanks to liberal policies coming from Washington, D.C.  link

But this week, millions of Americans will continue a tradition nearly as old as our country itself: Gathering together around dinner tables and living rooms to show our gratitude for the people, opportunities, and boundless optimism we’ve been blessed with. 

What can all of us be thankful for this year? To start, conservative solutions that have helped us tackle our biggest problems and given more people the chance to succeed—including:

  • Delivering tax relief for families and mom-and-pop shops. Conservative leaders in states like Missouri took decisive action to make sure more of their citizens held onto more of their hard-earned money at a time when every dollar counts.
  • Offering families real control over K-12 education. States like Arizona and Idaho made sure that more kids could get access to the best learning experience for them by allowing more families to use their education dollars however they see fit.
  • Fighting for the right to life of every American. Pro-life champions in Indiana, Oklahoma, and others passed laws to protect the lives of moms and their babies—as well as give them the support they need to thrive for years to come.
  • Giving patients more choices and lower prices. States like Tennessee have removed red tape and restrictions that can prevent patients and their families from having access to more healthcare providers at lower costs.

There’s a lot more work for conservatives to do—from ending President Biden’s war on American energy and stopping more out-of-control government spending to securing our southern border once and for all. Hopefully, Americans everywhere will be able to spend next Thanksgiving showing our gratitude for even more conservative wins.

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