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American Culture

April 12, 2022

When Freedom Wins 🥳

When Freedom Wins 🥳

We already know that GOP-led states got Americans back to work more quickly during COVID. Now we have proof that conservative policies were better for health, education, and the economy, too.

A new report shows that 21 of the 25 states that did best during COVID were led by Republican governors. Why? They let people—not government—make decisions that were right for them. They let businesses start back up sooner, which was better for the economy. They trusted parents and teachers to reopen schools, which was better for kids. And states with severe lockdowns like New York and California? Straight to the bottom of the pack on almost every measure.

There’s no denying it: Freedom won in the fight against COVID. Mandates and the heavy hand of government lost. Lawmakers in the states that are still lagging behind need to learn that lesson soon.

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Communism’s Cruelty Exposed 🇨🇳

Stories from one of the world’s biggest COVID lockdowns in Shanghai are heartbreaking. Sadly, they’re the result of China’s cruel brand of communism.

The world is seeing how China’s government control has causedpeople to suffer. Tens of millions have been trapped at home, many of them without food. Others have been forced into “COVID camps.” Children have been isolated from their parents. And to hide their crackdown, the Chinese regime has censored social media to make it seem like it’s not even happening.

Communist China unleashed COVID on the world. Now, it’s doubling down on its failures in an effort to control it. Innocent people are paying the price.

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