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Climate change

June 2, 2021

When You Give Antifa An Inch… 🐛

When You Give Antifa An Inch… 🐛

…they take a mile. For the past year, liberal leaders kowtowed to activists’ demands as they rampaged through the streets and demanded police cuts. The results? Antifa riots. Not only did violent crime spike; liberals’ caving put radicals in the driver’s seat. 

Today, woke activists are still steering America’s cities down a dangerous, deadly path. Take Portland. As recently as last week, rioters set the city ablaze and destroyed businesses, as homicides are expected to set a four-decade record. In Seattle—where city officials enabled CHAZ and CHOP—rioters were arrested last week for assault, obstruction, and resisting police arrest. 

The moral of this story is obvious: Bowing to extremists who scream “social justice” while smashing windows and throwing Molotov cocktails does not lead to justice or peace. It only empowers radicals and destroys America’s cities.

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GOP Says No To Green New Deal Decrees 🌿

If you like your stove, you can keep your stove… unless you live in a blue city where leaders are imposing costly Green New Deal decrees on families. In response, Republican state legislatures are putting their foot down.

Here are the details: Liberal cities like New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco are trying to ban people from using natural gas in their homes and businesses. There are two major problems with this. First, no government should control how families cook their food, heat their homes, or wash their clothes. That’s a breach of liberty if we’ve ever seen one. Second, this heavy-handed mandate would send families’ energy bills through the roof and kill off millions of jobs. 

GOP legislatures in states like Texas, Arizona, and Louisiana are passing legislation to outlaw restrictive energy mandates. Kudos to them for standing against government overreach.

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