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American Culture

April 13, 2021

Where’s Kamala? 👀

Where’s Kamala? 👀

It’s been 20 days since Vice President Kamala Harris was tapped to fix the Biden-inflicted crisis on our southern border. Where has she been? Everywhere but the border. 

Last week, Harris visited Oakland, California, to tout Biden’s farce of an “infrastructure” package. Then she swung by Chicago to buddy up to unions and eat cake—literally. As the border emergency gets worse by the day, Harris hasn’t deigned to visit the danger zones or hold a press conference to tell America how she and Biden plan to fix it. Do they even have a plan? Our guess is no. 

Meanwhile, Biden is still barring the press from seeing the chaos his policies have created at the border. Unlike the Vice President, Republicans have made multiple trips to report on what’s happening: overwhelmed border facilities, skyrocketing drug smuggling, and heightened criminal activity. They’re urging Harris to “get some backbone” and go see for herself. 

So are we. If she really wants to find a solution to the problem, she has to go see it first.  

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Religious Freedom Wins Again 🎉

Liberal governors like Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) and Gavin Newsom (D-CA) have assaulted religious freedom at every turn during the pandemic. But now freedom is winning—because of principled federal judges and Supreme Court justices appointed by President Trump.

Over the weekend, the Supreme Court struck down a California ban on families worshiping together at home. This is a huge victory for religious freedom—and common sense. While California said three or more families couldn’t worship together, the state allowed restaurants, stores, and hair salons to accommodate more than three families. That’s not just backward, it’s discriminatory against religious believers.

This ruling marks the fifth time the Supreme Court has gone to bat for religious liberty during the pandemic. It shows the huge impact President Trump had on the federal courts. Our Constitution is safer and our freedoms more secure, and that shouldn’t change for years to come.

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