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American Culture

March 16, 2022

You Asked, Nikki Answered 💬

This week, Nikki Haley spoke to thousands of Stand for America members to answer their questions on the problems facing America, Washington, and the world. And she explained what conservatives can do to solve them. 

As Nikki said:

Here are some of the highlights from Nikki’s first town hall of 2022: Nikki Haley Stand For America

“The amount of earmarks and pork in the government funding bill is shameful. What can we do to get this out-of-control spending under control?”

-Dan from Michigan

Nikki: The only way to get that under control is to stop the spending. We have to get to a balanced budget. We need to cut out the pork. The idea that we would go back to pork spending after all this COVID stimulus is irresponsible and it’s wrong, and we need to call out anybody that’s doing it—whether they’re Republican or Democrat … It’s not government’s money, it’s OUR money.

“Looking forward, what should conservative priorities be?”

-Gail from Connecticut

Nikki: We need to make sure that we are securing the border and that we have law and order in our streets by funding the police and having the backs of our law enforcement. We need to double down on American energy and open up the Keystone pipeline. We have to modernize our military. And on education—after two lost COVID school years—we have to help all the students who’ve fallen behind and fix the system from the ground up. 

“What is your suggestion for a solution to deal with Putin without ending in a nuclear war?”

-Harold from Illinois

Nikki: Provide all of the weapons Ukraine needs. Make sure they have the intelligence to prevent a chemical weapons attack. Sanction all of Russia’s energy companies, which would hit Putin hardest. The best way to deal with Putin is with strength. Strength comes with letting your enemies know where you stand and letting your enemies know what you will tolerate and what you won’t … Ukrainians have been nothing but inspirational in their fight and they need to know that we have their backs.

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