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October 22, 2020

Defund The Pentagon?! 😨

You’ve heard of “Defund the Police.” Now get ready for “Defund the Pentagon.” Demands are growing on the far left to slash America’s defense budget. At a time when threats to U.S. security are growing, the rising generation of liberal lawmakers wants to make America weaker and less safe.

Look no further than Cori Bush — a Missouri congressional candidate who’s expected to win her race on November 3. She says she’s looking forward to cutting defense spending and using the money to grow government. Meanwhile, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other far-left lawmakers have introduced legislation to cut $350 billion from the military — basically cutting defense spending in half.

These aren’t idle threats. The radical wing of the Democratic Party increasingly calls the shots. Even the Democratic chair of the House Armed Services Committee is predicting a big fight over defense spending if Joe Biden wins. This is how dangerous ideas get their start.

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Small Biz On The Brink ‼️ 

Another day, another failed attempt to help those who need it most. For what seems like the thousandth time, Senate Democrats just blocked a GOP bill to provide more relief to struggling small businesses

While Democrats throw up roadblocks, small businesses nationwide are giving up hope. They’re still dealing with the damage done by government-mandated shutdowns in the spring and summer, and with more shutdowns and restrictions potentially on the way, Main Street companies are worried they’ll have to lay off workers or shut down forever. They need relief now.

So what is Democrats’ deal, anyway? They only want a bill that gives a taxpayer bailout to liberal states like Illinois, New York, and California. Apparently, they’re willing to sacrifice small businesses to get their way.

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