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September 30, 2020

How To Fix Health Care

Stand For America has the solutions to fix the problems in American health care. In the first of our new policy videos, we show that the only way to build a better health care system is to break down government barriers so that we lower costs, increase access, and improve the American people’s health and well-being.

This is the opposite of what the left wants. Their answer is simply to give government more control over health care — even to the point of a government takeover called “Medicare for All.” Their ideas have a stunning price tag of up to $34 trillion. 

Even if you ignore that this would require massive tax hikes on every American family, the fact remains that it does the opposite of what Americans want. It would eliminate their insurance plans and force everyone into a one-size-fits-all government program. It’s a classic example of a cure that’s worse than the disease.

The real way to fix health care is to roll back policies that stand in the way of choice and competition. It’s time to let Americans buy health insurance across state lines, force hospitals and insurance companies to be transparent about their prices, and give doctors and nurses the freedom to innovate and meet their patients’ unique needs. 

By bringing more freedom to bear, we’ll build a better health care system for all.

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