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August 22, 2020

Petition to Congress

Stop Communist China

Update: More than 500,000 people have signed this petition! Join us at!

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley launched the Stop Communist China petition to Congress from her advocacy organization, Stand For America. The policies proposed in the petition would investigate China for its role in the COVID-19 crisis and take measures to halt China’s influence in America and around the world.

“We have long warned about the threats China’s Communist government poses. Now, in a time of crisis, we are seeing just how dangerous China is. The time for warnings is over. We must act and protect American security, health, and prosperity,” said Ambassador Haley.

Specifically the petition calls on Congress to do five key things:

1) Investigate the Communist Chinese government’s role in covering up the initial COVID-19 outbreak.

2) End China’s stranglehold on critically-important supplies. Bring manufacturing of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals back to America.

3) Make China pay the UN and other international organizations’ like the second largest economy in the world should — no more being treated like a poor “developing country.”

4) Support Taiwan. Push back against Communist China’s bullying and allow Taiwan to join the World Health Organization (WHO).

5) Require American colleges and universities to disclose all Chinese Communist government funding of professors and researchers.

For more information or to sign the petition please visit: