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American Culture

January 21, 2021

Save The Filibuster 🗳️

Save The Filibuster 🗳️

The biggest barrier to Joe Biden’s agenda is the Senate filibuster. So it’s no surprise the far left wants to shatter that barrier. If they succeed, the result will be foolish policies and less debate about their merits.

The filibuster has existed for more than 200 years. It requires that most legislation pass the Senate with 60-plus votes, not just a bare 51-vote majority, so that more senators can voice their opinions and shape the debate. Yet silencing those voices is what liberal groups now demand. Organizations aligned with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders have released a letter with a simple message: “Get rid of the filibuster.” The media is beating the same drum.

It’s unclear whether Senate Democrats have the votes. It is clear that liberal groups will push relentlessly to get their way. 

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Biden’s Bad California Model 👎

Apparently Joe Biden wants all of America to look like California. The Golden State is the new administration’s “de facto policy think tank,” according to reports. But taking the California model to a national scale is a terrible idea.

California is a case study in the dangers of the liberal agenda. It has enacted some of the nation’s most destructive lockdowns, crushing small businesses and economic opportunity. Going back years, California has taken a government-first approach on everything from health care to climate to housing, always taking more of people’s money and freedom. The result: one of the highest poverty rates in the country before the pandemic, and a shrinking middle class.
It’s telling that Californians are fleeing to states where it’s easier and cheaper to live and raise a family. More people are moving out of the state than are moving in. The last thing they want — and the last thing America needs — is for Joe Biden to bring California’s bad policies everywhere else.

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