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November 13, 2020

Securing our Elections 🗳

More Americans than ever before just exercised their right to vote. As the 2020 election continues to play out, and as states start looking ahead to future elections, it’s critical that lawmakers do everything in their power to protect the integrity of the ballot box.

Several voting procedures deserve special attention. For instance: Ballot harvesting. Some 26 states now allow third parties to collect and deliver other people’s ballots. This includes complete strangers and political operatives. We already know this leads to fraud — see New Jersey and North Carolina.  

There’s also universal mail-in voting. Unlike absentee voting, which allows people to formally request ballots ahead of Election Day, nine states now send ballots to every registered voter. This can result in multiple ballots being sent to one person. In primaries this year, huge numbers of ballots were rejected on technical grounds. And with so many ballots being mailed, state election systems and the post office can easily get overwhelmed, leading to mistakes and delaying election results.
These practices leave far more room for error and abuse than traditional voting methods. Lawmakers at the state and federal level should make election integrity a priority. 

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What Sanders Wants ◀️

The far-left wing of the Democratic Party is doubling down on its policy demands. Despite liberal losses in Congress and the states, and less-than-convincing results nationwide, politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are determined to advance their agenda.

Take Bernie Sanders (I-VT). He’s predicting that Joe Biden would move forward with policies that Sanders helped shape, from climate change to health care to labor unions. If Joe Biden wins the presidential race, you can bet Bernie Sanders will fight to push the administration much further to the left — especially if he’s running Senate committees or confirmed to the Cabinet, as we warned yesterday.

Then there’s AOC (D-NY). She and her fellow “Squad” members are saying that Democrats fell short because they aren’t liberal enough, so they should push even harder to enact ultra-liberal policies. AOC is even criticizing the idea of “play[ing] to civility,” preferring confrontation. One thing’s for sure: What’s right for the Squad and Sanders is wrong for America.

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