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September 29, 2020

The SFA Policy Agenda 👊

All eyes tonight will be on the presidential debate stage. As the candidates prepare to lay out their visions for the country, Stand for America is releasing a new video series on three big policy issues. These videos are a must-watch before the debate.

We’ve put together 3 videos that contrast liberal pie-in-the-sky ideas with much-needed conservative solutions: 

– Health Care. Liberals want a government takeover of health care financed by massive tax hikes. Conservatives have a better plan: Give Americans the freedom they need to get the high-quality, low-cost care they deserve.

– Immigration. Liberals want to open America’s borders and more illegal immigration. Conservatives want to secure the border, enforce the laws, and restore an immigration system that’s welcoming and fair to Americans. 

– Energy and the Environment. Liberals want to weaken America and destroy the economy in the crusade against climate change. Conservatives want to unleash the power of the free market to achieve cleaner energy. 

On issue after issue, liberal ideas are unworkable and dangerous to the American people. Conservative ideas are the best way forward — for the next four years and beyond.


California’s Car Apocalypse 

California is barreling down crazy street. Last week, the Golden State’s governor signed an order to ban gasoline-powered cars after 2035. It’s one more example of the liberal state’s rush to control daily life, no matter how much it hurts California families.

This mandate is a bad idea no matter how you look at it. To start, electric cars are much more expensive than regular ones — nearly 60% pricier, at least — which means families will have to fork over more to buy a new car. The state could subsidize them, but that means taxpayers will fork over more too. Then there’s the problem of electricity: California is already experiencing rolling blackouts, so how will the state provide enough power to keep electric cars running?

These basic questions don’t seem to matter to California’s ruling class. The better plan would be to let people buy the cars they want at a price they can afford. What’s next from the People’s Republic of California: A promise that if you like your car, you can keep it?

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