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American Culture

February 17, 2022

Congress Must Get To The Bottom Of This 🤔

The more we learn about special counsel John Durham’s ongoing investigation into the FBI’s Russia probe, the more questions arise. In court documents filed last week, Durham alleges that someone with access to sensitive communications used them in an attempt to smear Donald Trump.  Durham outlines how proprietary data was “exploited” to gather “derogatory information” on the former president. […] READ MORE

American Culture

February 8, 2022

NBC’s Gold Medal In Communist Propaganda 🥇

It’s bad enough that the Olympics are in Communist China, where our athletes are being spied on, censored, and told to stay silent about China’s atrocities. But NBC‘s groveling coverage of the games has turned a bad situation into a national embarrassment. When China had a Uyghur light the Olympic flame Friday night—even as Beijing tries to exterminate the Uyghur people—one of NBC‘s hosts called it “an in-your-face […] READ MORE

American Culture

February 4, 2022

China’s Genocide Olympics 🚫 🇨🇳

The Winter Olympics start today in Beijing. But the Winter Games will be different this year, and not in a good way. The world’s athletes are walking into Communist China’s genocidal surveillance state. The FBI has urged American athletes to use burner phones because Chinese security agents will be listening in to their conversations, and any athlete caught talking about […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 28, 2021

2022: The Year Ahead

As we’ve highlighted over the past week, 2021 was a challenging year. We saw too many bad policies and too little done to protect Americans from rising violent crime, out-of-control spending, growing terrorist threats, and chaos on our border. What’s worse, Democrats holding the reins in D.C. are on a never-ending quest to give the government […] READ MORE

American Culture

May 18, 2021

Earmarks = Taxpayer Waste ❌👂

American taxpayers beware: Congress is getting ready to throw away even more of your money. It’s been only three months since Congress brought back wasteful earmarks. Lawmakers have already run up a $21 billion tab of ridiculous taxpayer waste and pork-barrel proposals.  Remember: Earmarks are nothing more than handouts to special interests. Case in point: […] READ MORE