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Communist China

November 29, 2022

Biden Can’t Quit COVID 🤯

President Biden said it himself months ago: “The pandemic is over.” But the Biden administration still wants to use COVID as cover for controlling our lives. link Just how desperate are Biden and his allies to maintain their power? The Department of Health and Human Services is behind a new report released just last week […] READ MORE

Communist China

November 28, 2022

Iran’s Soccer Team Stands For Freedom ⚽

Last week, the Iranian men’s soccer team protested at the World Cup against Iran’s brutal treatment of its own people. It took unbelievable courage—and every freedom lover worldwide should hope for their safety from the regime’s backlash.  Imagine the courage it took. The players were calling out the ayatollahs’ violent crackdown on protests back home […] READ MORE

Communist China

October 6, 2022

$31 TRILLION In Debt 🚨

President Biden can’t stop setting records—from gas prices and inflation to illegal immigration. This week, he reached another grim milestone: Exceeding $31 trillion in national debt for the first time in history. Sadly, it didn’t come as a surprise. After all, Biden and his allies have spent nearly $5 trillion of your taxpayer dollars since […] READ MORE

Communist China

October 5, 2022

Fund Border Security, Not IRS Expansion 😡

You’ve heard that liberals gave the IRS an $80 billion windfall that will crush families and small businesses. Conservatives are stepping up to stop it—and to secure our border instead. Last week, Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) and her colleagues in Congress introduced a bill to redirect those funds. Rather than hiring tens of thousands of […] READ MORE

Communist China

October 4, 2022

No Discrimination In Disaster Relief 🗣

Millions of Americans have suffered terribly because of Hurricane Ian. All of them deserve our support—but after last week, we’re not sure if the Biden administration agrees with that. Vice President Harris told a liberal group last Friday that our country should be “giving resources based on equity”—which could send relief to our “lowest-income communities […] READ MORE

Communist China

September 9, 2022

Unmask Our Toddlers 😤

It’s been two and a half years, but liberals won’t let our students go back to normal life. The Biden administration is even willing to force two-year-olds to wear a mask all day. It doesn’t matter that conservative states opened up schools long ago—or that even the CDC no longer recommends universal masking. The Biden administration still refuses to let kids go to […] READ MORE

Communist China

July 26, 2022

Conservative States Save The Day 💪

Conservatives have had to fight back against big challenges since day one of the Biden administration—from inflation and skyrocketing energy costs to our border crisis and the spread of wokeism. Who has been leading the charge on the front lines? Conservative legal officials. In states throughout the country, attorneys general have delivered some big wins for […] READ MORE

Communist China

June 24, 2022

Biden Turns Back Time On Title IX 😡

Women’s sports and women’s rights took a small step forward this week. If the Biden administration gets its way, though, both will take a big step backwards. This week, the worldwide body in charge of swimming restricted biological men from competing in women’s sports. It’s about time. As female Olympic gold medalists have pointed out, the ruling guarantees “equal opportunity” […] READ MORE

Communist China

June 6, 2022

(500) Days of Biden – Vol. 2 🚨

On Friday we explained how President Biden’s liberal agenda has left millions of families less prosperous at home. He’s also made our country weaker and less secure abroad. Biden is Helping our Enemies The president’s weakness has given a big green light to every bad guy who hates America. He abandoned Afghanistan, which told our enemies they can bully us […] READ MORE

Communist China

January 20, 2022

Biden’s No Good, Very Bad First Year 👎

Joe Biden has been president for exactly a year. Are Americans better off now than we were 12 months ago?  The answer is a resounding no. That’s true on every measure that matters: our public safety, our personal freedom, our family budgets, our children’s futures, and our national security. Biden tried to take a victory […] READ MORE
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