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American Culture

November 18, 2021

The GOP Demands Answers From Merrick Garland šŸ’Ŗ

Itā€™s official: The Biden administration has treated parents who protest at school board meetings as potential terrorist threatsā€”despite Attorney General Merrick Garlandā€™s claims to the contrary.  Hereā€™s what happened:Ā Last month, at theĀ urgingĀ of a liberal special interest group, Garland unleashed the FBI toĀ crack downĀ on anti-critical race theory protestors. But heĀ denied under oathĀ that the FBI was using counterterrorism […] READ MORE

American Culture

November 17, 2021

GOP Fights For Border Wall šŸ§±

Under liberal control, terrible news about the border is the new normal. The latest? In October, U.S. authorities detained twice as many people crossing our border illegally as they did the year beforeā€”164,303 total.  What were Democrats doing last month as immigrants flooded the border?Ā Proposing aĀ budgetĀ that would strip funding for the border wall, cut Border Patrolā€™s budget, and […] READ MORE

American Culture

November 10, 2021

Debunking The Biden Administration šŸ˜¶

We really wish we didnā€™t have to fact check the leader of the free world. But Joe Biden and the Democrats keep misleading America about the heavy costs of their multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending spree.  Claim #1: Last week, Bidenā€™s treasury bureaucrats announced that the ā€œBuild Back Betterā€ plan  Democrats are pushing to vote on next week would reduce our federal deficit. Fact Check: A new […] READ MORE