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August 22, 2022

When Big Government Fails 🦠

The CDC finally admitted it got COVID wrong. But even after two and a half years, the agency still hasn’t reckoned with why. We know the reason: It’s a massive bureaucracy with a $12 billion budget and not enough accountability or transparency. Just look at some of its most obvious mistakes: Testing delays. The CDC […] READ MORE


August 18, 2022

Taxpayer-Funded Porsches?! 🚘

What happens when lawmakers in Washington spend taxpayer dollars with hardly any strings attached? Likely the largest case of fraud in American history—with no guarantee we’ll get that money back. A new investigation has revealed some of the ways that criminals stole money from COVID relief programs—likely amounting to more than $100 billion. What did that money buy? […] READ MORE


June 1, 2022

No More Healthcare Handouts 🏨

President Biden is up to the same old inflation blame game this week by piling on Putin, the Fed, and Congress. But you already know it’s his liberal policies that are adding fuel to the fire—like his under-the-radar Obamacare handouts that are hurting American families. Last year, Biden’s allies in Congress massively expanded Obamacare’s insurance giveaways—including for wealthy […] READ MORE


June 25, 2019

Debate Prep: Socialism vs. Capitalism

When they assume the debate stage this week, 20 Democrat candidates will vie for the title of “most liberal candidate.” Nearly all the major candidates have embraced some form of socialism – from Bernie Sanders who calls himself a “Democratic Socialist” to Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and the rest […] READ MORE