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Communist China

December 8, 2022

Communist China Cons U.S. Taxpayers 😡

What’s worse than when lawmakers are reckless with our taxpayer dollars? When hackers linked to Communist China steal millions of them from our government with ease. link The Secret Service recently announced that cybercriminals in China stole at least $20 million in COVID relief funds, including through fraudulent business loans and unemployment benefits. Not only […] READ MORE

Communist China

October 5, 2022

Fund Border Security, Not IRS Expansion 😡

You’ve heard that liberals gave the IRS an $80 billion windfall that will crush families and small businesses. Conservatives are stepping up to stop it—and to secure our border instead. Last week, Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) and her colleagues in Congress introduced a bill to redirect those funds. Rather than hiring tens of thousands of […] READ MORE

Communist China

August 16, 2022

Iran’s Assassination Attempt 🚨

Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terror. And we’re being reminded yet again why they can’t be trusted—by a brazen assassination attempt on U.S. soil. Last week, we learned that Iran offered a cash reward of up to $1 million to kill former top U.S. government officials here in America, including former National Security Advisor John […] READ MORE