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American Culture

July 26, 2022

Conservative States Save The Day 💪

Conservatives have had to fight back against big challenges since day one of the Biden administration—from inflation and skyrocketing energy costs to our border crisis and the spread of wokeism. Who has been leading the charge on the front lines? Conservative legal officials. In states throughout the country, attorneys general have delivered some big wins for […] READ MORE

American Culture

July 25, 2022

No More Criminal Bailouts 🚔

No public servant should have to worry about threats to their life. Or that the criminal responsible could have the chance to try again the next day. But in New York, that’s exactly what’s happened.  Last week, a man with a knife attacked Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) during a campaign stop. The good news is that Rep. Zeldin was […] READ MORE

American Culture

July 21, 2022

Vets Fight Back Against Wokeness 💪

Foreign threats to America are growing, and we’ve told you how injecting wokeism into our military puts us in even greater danger. Now, Americans who’ve served and sacrificed for our country are stepping up to reverse that trend. Ret. Capt. Jason Church founded Veterans on Duty to shine a light on how far-left activism is interfering with defending our country from our […] READ MORE

American Culture

July 20, 2022

No Handouts To The Ayatollahs ❌

Last week, President Biden made his first visit to the Middle East as president. It humiliated America at a new level on the world stage. In a major speech on Monday, Nikki Haley explained that Biden’s continued push for a new nuclear deal with Iran overshadows any effort he made to restore trust between the United States, Israel, and our […] READ MORE

American Culture

July 11, 2022

Washington’s Interest Isn’t Protecting Taxpayers 🤑

It’s usually obvious how Washington wastes your hard-earned taxpayer dollars. But one of the government’s least-known expenses is also one of its largest: interest on our national debt. Last week, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget issued a new report that shows just how serious America’s mostly-forgotten debt problem really is: The federal government will spend $400 billion on interest payments […] READ MORE

American Culture

July 8, 2022

Free States Rise 📈, Liberal States Fall 📉

We’ve known for a while that conservative-led states outperformed liberal ones during COVID. And it’s no surprise that the gap between them keeps growing—since freedom always wins. States that trusted businesses and workers to do what’s best are still creating more opportunity and more prosperity than ones that handed unchecked power to politicians and bureaucrats. Red states have added nearly […] READ MORE

American Culture

June 27, 2022

Americans Win When Life Wins 👶❤️

The American people have won. The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade.  Nearly half a century ago, Roe took away the right of citizens’ elected representatives to protect America’s moms and babies. Since then, 63 million lives have been lost. That’s millions of toddlers who never learned to read with their mom. Millions of kids who never played catch with […] READ MORE

American Culture

June 14, 2022

Biden’s Department Of (In)Justice 😤

We called on Congress to step up security for Supreme Court justices after a would-be killer threatened Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Of course, that protection is only necessary because President Biden’s Justice Department failed to put an end to the far left’s radical tactics. Let’s be clear: It’s against federal law for protestors to target justices or their families. But each day that Attorney […] READ MORE

American Culture

June 13, 2022

America Can’t Afford More Biden Failures 💳

In December, President Biden told the country that we’d reached “the peak” of inflation. Six months later, he ushered in the highest inflation rate in 40 years—and you’re paying the price. Because of liberals’ failed policies, Americans are feeling the pinch when filling their most basic needs. Costs of eggs and milk have skyrocketed. Inflation has helped gas reach $5 […] READ MORE

American Culture

June 8, 2022

Caravan Chaos 🤯

We already have a border crisis. Now, what may be the largest migrant caravan ever is headed our way. And President Biden’s weakness means he won’t do anything to stop it. This chaos comes as the leaders of Mexico and other Central American countries are openly snubbing Biden and Vice President Harris. They’ve refused to show up at a major summit the […] READ MORE
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