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American Culture

September 4, 2021

What We’re Standing Against

Quick summary: For decades, many colleges have prioritized skin color over merit when choosing which students to admit. People call this “affirmative action.” But it’s really plain-old discrimination—and all students suffer because of it. Now, the Supreme Court could decide whether to end affirmative action discrimination altogether.  What’s happening? The Supreme Court is considering taking […] READ MORE

American Culture

June 1, 2021

Big Tech Censorship Backfires 📱🔥

Big Tech is finally reversing its censorship campaign against anyone who says the coronavirus may have leaked from a lab in Communist China. This change-of-mind reaffirms two things: 1. Censorship is dangerous. 2. Big Tech is in bed with the Democrats.  Social media giants spent more than a year blocking content that mentioned the coronavirus […] READ MORE

American Culture

May 26, 2021

Liberals Push Court Picking—And Packing 🧑‍⚖️

The far left wants to hijack the Supreme Court. But not just by packing it. Liberals push for court picking and have launched a campaign—led by former Obama and Clinton cronies—to get Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire. Why do liberals push court picking and want to send a Clinton-appointed justice packing? So Biden […] READ MORE