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American Culture

December 22, 2022

Home For The Holidays ❤️

As we celebrate the holidays, many of the men and women who serve in our military will remain vigilant at their posts. We’re thankful that others will have the chance to come home this Christmas and enjoy what we so often take for granted: spending time with our family, friends, and loved ones. As Private […] READ MORE

American Culture

November 11, 2022

We Honor Their Service Through Strength 🇺🇸

Today is Veterans Day. Whether you served, a family member served, or a friend or neighbor wore the uniform of the United States, we can all appreciate the sacrifice made by our veterans. We’re still waiting to learn who will help lead our country after the midterm election, but we can all agree that the […] READ MORE

American Culture

October 19, 2022

Conservatives Won’t Ride Liberals’ Crime Wave 🌊

Families across the country are feeling the pain of rising crime driven by liberals’ bad policies. The good news? Conservatives are stepping up to stop that suffering. Last month, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and his colleagues in Congress released a detailed plan as part of their Commitment to America that would crack down on woke […] READ MORE

American Culture

October 18, 2022

Wanted: More U.S. Service Members, Less Woke Madness 🪖

It’s no secret that the increasingly woke U.S. military faces a recruitment shortfall. Now we know exactly how bad the situation is. It’s not just a short-term challenge for our country—it threatens America’s safety and security long term, too. Just look at the facts: The Army missed its recruiting goal this year by 25%—a […] READ MORE

American Culture

August 25, 2022

America’s Service Member Shortfall

The U.S. military is the greatest force for good in human history. Unfortunately, today America’s service member shortfall is getting dangerously small—and that puts our country and our very way of life at risk. This year is on track to be the worst year for military recruiting in 50 years—since the end of the draft. […] READ MORE