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American Culture

February 22, 2022

Putin Is A Menace 🗣

The three words that best describe Vladimir Putin: bully, dictator, thug. Putin rules Russia through corruption and lawlessness. He sees any country that values freedom as a threat. Now, he is inching closer to war with Ukraine, and desperately trying to divide the United States and our allies. Vladimir Putin only understands strength. Dictators like him don’t stop […] READ MORE

American Culture

January 24, 2022

Is Your State Wasting COVID Relief? 🤔

States are rolling in the dough after getting billions of dollars in federal pandemic relief. We’ve long argued against such wasteful spending—and now liberal states are proving us right. Case in point: California. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s bright idea is to offer universal healthcare to illegal immigrants. This costly plan will even cover abortions, paid for by taxpayers. Meanwhile, […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 7, 2021

GOP Fights Communism In America 🇺🇲 🎒

One third of millenials and Gen-Zers approve of communism. That’s terrifying. Good news: The GOP is fighting to make sure young Americans understand the dangers of this evil ideology that has resulted in more than 100 million deaths.   Last week, Rep. María Elvira Salazar (R-FL) led 61 GOP lawmakers in introducing the Crucial Communism Teaching Act. This bill would provide lesson plans for high schools […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 4, 2021

What We’re Standing Against

Quick summary: Democrats don’t just want to raise your taxes. They want to spy on your bank account and hit lower- and middle-class Americans with more tax audits. How? President Joe Biden’s $1.75 trillion socialist spending bill carves out tens of billions of dollars to funnel more power to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A powerful […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 2, 2021

GOP Pushes Back On Putin 💪 🇺🇲

Vladimir Putin is busy ramping up threats on America and our allies. The latest? Launching hypersonic missiles, amassing troops on Ukraine’s border, and vowing to retaliate against nations that help Ukraine fight off a potential Russian invasion.  While President Joe Biden sits back and does nothing, GOP lawmakers are doing Biden’s job for him and fighting to hit Putin where it hurts. This […] READ MORE

American Culture

November 17, 2021

GOP Fights For Border Wall 🧱

Under liberal control, terrible news about the border is the new normal. The latest? In October, U.S. authorities detained twice as many people crossing our border illegally as they did the year before—164,303 total.  What were Democrats doing last month as immigrants flooded the border? Proposing a budget that would strip funding for the border wall, cut Border Patrol’s budget, and […] READ MORE
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