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January 9, 2021

What We’re Standing Against


Six days into the new year, our hope for a fresh start turned to horror as we watched a violent mob storm the United States Capitol. Shortly after Congress began the process of certifying election results, rioters besieged Capitol Police and ransacked the House and Senate.

The end result: Five people died, including a Capitol Police officer, and many more were injured. The only right response, from all the American people and all our elected officials, is to denounce this disgraceful act.

Violence is unacceptable and un-American. That was true when far-left rioters trashed cities and looted businesses over the summer. It is equally true of the rioters who stormed and smashed our seat of American government and democracy.

Something else happened too. The shameful display gave America’s enemies and the world’s most oppressive regimes an opportunity to pounce.

China compared the Capitol riots to the Hong Kong protests as the Chinese government further eroded democracy by arresting 50 pro-democracy Hong Kong activists. Russia, Iran and Venezuela all mocked America, using words like  “limping on both feet” and “floppy and weak.” Venezuela issued a statement, saying, “the United States is suffering the same thing that it has generated in other countries with its policies of aggression.” And the president of Zimbabwe argued that the United States lost its “moral right to punish another nation under the guise of upholding democracy.”

There are no excuses or defense for this moment. There is only one way forward. Those who broke the law must be duly punished. We must use our voices to condemn those responsible. We must recommit ourselves to upholding our American ideals. And we must call on every citizen of the United States to promise: We will never let this happen again.

what we’re standing against

Liberal control

Tuesday night Democrats won both Senate races in the Georgia runoff election, solidifying their control of the U.S. Senate. The results will make Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) the Senate Majority Leader and will put liberals in control of all the levers of government.

There’s no question the Georgia loss is bad news for America. Democrats have not been shy about their determination to enact the most far-reaching liberal agenda in the history of their party. We could be looking at liberal judges, sweeping government control, harmful regulation, and massive spending on every area of the economy, from health care to education to the environment. And if progressives get their way, they could go even further. Far-left Democrats have already called for making DC a state, eliminating the filibusterpacking the courts, enacting socialized healthcare, canceling all student debt, and “climate justice.”

But there is hope. In 2008, Barack Obama entered the White House with control of Congress and used his majorities to push through Obamacare. The good news is that the American people didn’t take this liberal shift sitting down. Hardworking folks made their opposition to the left’s policies known, speaking up at town halls across the country and most importantly, voting.

If—and when—Democrats overreach, it’ll be up to us to take the case to the American people and encourage them to push back against the left’s embrace of socialism.

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what we’re standing for

Being brave 🇺🇸💪

When Ambassador Nikki Haley arrived at the United Nations, she knew she had a tough job ahead of her. Many of the UN’s member countries are notorious for opposing America and attacking our ally Israel. But she had no intention of staying quiet. She used the power of her voice to speak up, calling out the UN for its hypocritical sham of a Human Rights Council; its anti-Israel bias; and turning a blind eye to suffering in communist and socialist countries.

In a new PragerU video, Nikki draws on her experience at the UN to encourage young Americans to be brave and engage with those they disagree with instead of shouting them down.

We’ve all seen how stifling wokeness and cancel culture can be. But it’s even worse on college campuses, where socialism is routinely glorified, conservative students are mocked and punished, and anti-Semitism runs rampant.

→ Students at Tufts University recently passed a resolution demanding the university ban campus police from training in Israel.

Cornell University activists threatened a student government representative for voting against disarming campus police.

→ It was recently revealed that a University of California, Merced professor has made more than 2,000 anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist tweets since 2019.

Understandably, it can be hard for conservative students to speak out. Some fear retaliation from professors who disagree with them or isolation from their fellow students. But as Nikki Haley reminds us, telling the truth and defending America is the only way to counter extremism.

Nikki has one caveat: Speaking out doesn’t mean yelling or being rude. Nothing good or productive comes from fighting. Instead, she urges students to equip themselves with the facts about our nation’s history and the dangers of socialism. The problem on our college campuses is that too many students come to school with an inaccurate or incomplete understanding of American history. The truth can be a very powerful persuader.

Her words harken back to Thomas Jefferson who believed that a “strong early grounding in history would ensure that these future citizens would cherish and sustain the republic the Founders had won for them.”

The debate over America’s past, present, and future is rolling across college campuses. There is only one way to win this debate: “Be brave. Defend your right to speak out. Defend America.”

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