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March 9, 2020

What We’re Standing For

Telling the truth about socialism

Stand For America launched a new #NeverSocialism video series this week, highlighting our conversations with people who have experienced socialism first-hand and know just how dangerous total government control truly is.

Our inaugural video features Giancarlo Sopo, whose family fled Cuba to escape Fidel Castro’s socialist dictatorship. His story is a stark message to young Americans who are flocking to the far-left’s socialist ideas.

“What young Americans need to understand about their free enterprise system is that all the luxuries and privileges that we enjoy should not be taken for granted. For most of human history, human beings have lived in abject poverty. Everything that we enjoy today has been made possible by a free market system…”

Watch Giancarlo’s story here or below.


what we’re standing against

Biden’s big government

For a long time, Joe Biden’s platform could be summed up in two words: Not Bernie. Now that his campaign has had a miraculous recovery, it’s worth asking: What are Biden’s policy plans? And how much will they cost?

The big takeaway: Biden’s platform takes Obama’s big-government policies and moves them even further to the left: More government, more taxes, more spending. It’s just not AS BIG as Bernie’s socialist dystopia. But that doesn’t make Biden a limited government guy by any stretch of the imagination.

Biden’s $1.7 trillion climate plan focuses on moving away from fossil fuels. But Biden also embraced the ideas in the Green New Deal, which comes with a much higher price tag.

Biden’s health care plan would constitute a massive expansion of government-controlled health care. It goes far beyond Obamacare by giving people the option to join a government-run plan. Ultimately, Biden’s $750 billion public option could have the same result as Bernie’s socialized medicine by driving private insurance out of the marketplace.

Biden’s $750 billion education plan calls for a massive increase in federal spending.

How to pay for all these programs? With tax increases, of course! Biden called for $4 trillion in tax increases (over 10 years), including raising the corporate tax rate. The Biden campaign claims his tax hikes would only hit top earners, but an analysis by the left-leaning Tax Policy Center shows middle-income households would see their tax bills go up, too.

Eager to show off his liberal credentials, Biden is actually touting his tax hikes on the campaign trail. Watch below.


Chinese forced labor

What’s new? We’ve been condemning China’s surveillance and incarceration of its Uighur Muslim population – who are being oppressed for their religious beliefs – for a long time. This week, an Australian think tank released a report showing that many American companies use supply chains that rely on forced Uighur labor, including Apple, Gap, and Nike.

What’s happening: The Australian report estimates (conservatively) that 80,000 Uighurs were transferred to Chinese factories and put to work between 2017 and 2019.

Why it matters: It’s against the law for American companies to use forced labor, and businesses should obviously abide by the law. Just as importantly, American companies should not aid the Chinese government’s oppression of its own people. At a time when many American companies are preaching corporate responsibility at home, they should pay close attention to their actions abroad.


Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS)

The anti-Israel liberals are at it again. It’s bad enough that Bernie Sanders refused to attend AIPAC, calling it a platform for “bigotry.” Now, his liberal colleagues in the House of Representatives blocked an anti-BDS bill from a vote.

What would the bill do? The bill would forbid domestic support for foreign boycotts from entities like the UN Human Rights Council and the European Union. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) sponsored the legislation after the Human Rights Council recently issued a blacklist of Israeli companies that do business in the West Bank. Democrats voted along party lines to stop the bill from being considered in the House.

Our take: The UN Human Rights Council – which houses human rights violators like Venezuela and Sudan – unfairly targeted Israel with its blacklist, while doing nothing about the atrocious human rights abuses in places like China, Cuba, and many other countries. It is appalling that liberals in the United States refuse to take a stand.

We support members of Congress fighting for this legislation to pass.


what we’re smiling about 🥜

This week marked national #peanutbutterloversday! The hashtag holiday, (yes that’s a thing), saw fans of the timeless spread sharing their love via social media and paying tribute to the unnamed doctor credited with first providing peanut butter to his patients in 1890 to help people who couldn’t chew. Even the monkeys got in on the fun.