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March 27, 2021

What We’re Standing For

What We’re Standing For

Fighting woke socialism

The woke left is obsessed with dividing people into groups. According to their rules, Amb. Nikki Haley should be considered a victim because she is a brown woman with immigrant parents. Her response? No thank you. 

In her Daily Wire op-ed this week, Nikki rejects identity politics and explains how this dangerous ideology leads to socialism. 

Wokeism sees everything in terms of group identities. A person is defined by skin color, gender, or other characteristics, regardless of his or her background, individual beliefs, or experiences. Some groups are automatically “privileged” while others are automatically “oppressed.” 

Wokeism’s ultimate goal is to fix these perceived injustices through the power of government. But when government takes control and decides who gets what in society, that’s not fixing injustice. That’s socialism. 

“Socialism claims to be about achieving equality in every part of daily life. But it’s not equality of opportunity, where everyone has the freedom to soar. It’s equality of outcome, where everyone is destined to be the same.” — Nikki Haley

Nikki is not alone. Her good friend Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) wrote an op-ed this week about the ridicule and threats he faces simply for being a conservative black man. As an African American “victim,” liberals believe Sen. Scott should subscribe to their idea of what black individuals should believe. 

Of course, this kind of treatment isn’t justice. It’s discrimination. 

“That is woke supremacy. It is the ‘tolerant’ left’s intolerance for dissent. It is a progressive conception of diversity that does not include diversity of thought. It is discrimination falsely marketed as inclusion.” — Sen. Tim Scott

Identity politics threaten to tear America apart by tearing Americans down. But as Sen. Scott says, America has a choice: “We can continue down the path of toxic woke mandates,” or we can choose “equality of opportunity and access to the American Dream for everyone.” For the sake of freedom, justice, and equality, we hope all Americans choose the latter. 

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what we’re standing against

The big-government era

You thought Barack Obama was far-left?Well, he’s got nothing on his former sidekick, Joe Biden. The left is lauding Biden as “a transformational, once-in-a-generation progressive champion.” Others have compared Biden to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson

What’s the basis for the comparison? FDR and LBJ are famous (or infamous) for dramatically expanding government in an effort to fix society’s problems. Now, Biden is in the process of doing the same thing. Biden may be using the coronavirus to introduce “temporary” measures, but, like his liberal predecessors, his goal is the permanent transformation of American life. 

How is Biden achieving his aim?

→ Biden is on a big spending spree. Two short weeks ago, Biden signed a $1.9 trillion “stimulus” bill that provided more money for liberal pet projects and union bailouts than COVID relief. Now, he and his fellow Democrats are working on a $3 trillion “infrastructure” package. The price tag is so big that even moderate Democrats are worried. Liberals are trying to stuff the package with a host of big-government programs—from immigration reform, to a minimum wage hike, to Green New Deal policies, to free college. Our national debt just hit a record $28 trillion, but Biden and Co. don’t seem to care. 

→ Biden wants welfare for all. The bipartisan 1996 welfare reform bill sought to decrease government dependency, empower individuals, and give them an exit ramp out of poverty. Biden wants to reverse this success with a new welfare program in the COVID “stimulus” that hands out $250 – $300 monthly checks to millions of Americans with NO work requirement. Now, Democrats are moving to make these government checks permanent by extending them in their “infrastructure” package. 

To learn more about the Democrats’ “welfare for all” plan, check out Stand For America’s new fact sheet

→ Biden wants to redistribute wealth. How are Democrats going to pay for their massive spending and welfare state? By raising taxes, of course. But this is not just about creating more government revenue. This is about pushing a far-left goal—favored by the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders—that has been their aim all along: wealth redistribution

→ Biden rejects bipartisanship. Unity? Bipartisanship? Joe Biden isn’t actually interested in any of that. He knows he would have to compromise on his far-left agenda in order to secure even one Republican vote. Instead, Biden and the Democrats plan to use a partisan budget process to pass $3 trillion in spending on a party-line vote. And in his first press conference yesterday (see below), Biden opened the door to scrapping the filibuster to enact the liberals’ agenda. 

Our take: If Biden gets his way, his presidency will be “transformational,” but in the worst possible way. Biden’s big-government transformation will damage our economy, hurt opportunity, kill jobs, increase government dependency, and reduce choice. If this sounds a whole lot like socialism, that’s because it is.  
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what we’re standing against

Worst liberal take of the week

The left says a lot of silly things these days, but this might be the worst liberal take of the week. In his first press conference on Thursday, after 64 days as president, Joe Biden said the filibuster is being “abused in a gigantic way” and that it’s time to reform it. Then he went a step further: “We’re ready to get a lot done. … If there’s complete lockdown and chaos as a consequence of the filibuster, then we’ll have to go beyond what I’m talking about.” Translation: He’s open to nixing it.

Then, in one final leap, he took a page from his fellow liberals’ playbook and called the filibuster racist.

Let’s rewind to 2005: Republicans controlled Congress and the White House, and then-Senator Joe Biden fervently defended the filibuster, saying the filibuster’s core is “compromise and moderation.” Abolishing it would “eviscerate the Senate,” upset “the constitutional design,” and “disservices [sic] the country.” He also advised, “The Senate ought not act rashly by changing its rules to satisfy a strong-willed majority acting in the heat of the moment.” 

Now fast forward to 2017: More than 30 Democrats (including some members who claim the filibuster is racist today) signed a bipartisan letter defending the filibuster. And Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said, “The legislative filibuster … is the most important distinction between the Senate and the House. Without the 60-vote threshold for legislation, the Senate becomes a majoritarian institution … much more subject to the winds of short-term electoral change. No senator would like to see that happen.” 

Now to 2018: Democrats used the filibuster to shut down the government over disagreements on immigration policy. And Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said that eliminating the filibuster “would be the end of the Senate as it was originally devised and created going back to our Founding Fathers.” Bear in mind, last week, Sen. Durbin dismissed the filibuster as “an offhanded clerical suggestion.”

And finally, 2020: Democrats used the filibuster to block Sen. Tim Scott’s bipartisan police reform bill

Our take: There are two problems with Biden and the Democrats’ hypocritical nonsense:

  1. The Democrats have no interest in bipartisanship. It’s clear they will say or do anything to jam their big-government agenda through Congress. 
  2. Biden is adopting one of the far-left’s favorite ploys—calling everything racist in an attempt to bully the other side into backing down. It’s not only insulting; it diminishes cases of legitimate racism. 

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